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Best plane?

Everything about the planes of Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy. Unlocking planes, plane tips, and more.
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Best plane?

PostDecember 26th, 2012, 10:53 am

Just asking but what is the best plane?

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Re: Best plane?

PostMarch 12th, 2013, 4:42 am

Quick answer: There is no best plane.

I can list which planes are in the top tier (the best planes), though.

RF22 (Easy to fly and stealthy)
RFU37 (Easy to fly, plus it is rare. You will stand out for using it)
RFU47 (Difficult to fly, but fast and extremely maneuverable)
RF35 (Very easy to do well with, dodges missiles very quickly)
RFJ20 (Fun and easy to fly, but the RFJ20A is is the only really good one, since the others [RFJ20 and RFJ20D] fail a great deal of the time)
RF15X (A bit hard to fly, but like a fast RF22. It's a bit of a downgraded F22 with speed, but it gives a humungous Ace Point bonus i.e. it is good to unlock other planes with)
RFYF23 (Fast, stealthy, and reliable. With decent maneuverability, it's still difficult to fly.)
RFT50 (Decently fast all-around combat aircraft. Very high performance, but difficult to fly.)
RF26 (Very maneuverable and fast combat aircraft. All-around good stats, but it is a pay-only plane and some people will get really angry if you use it. Its speed and high maneuverability actually make it kind of hard to control)
RFAB01 (A slightly less maneuverable version of the RF26. It is slightly faster, with more flares, though. People hate it less than the RF26. I don't know about ease of flight, but I would guess about the same as the RF26)
RFNSB (Very FAST and maneuverable. I'd say ease of flight would be similar to the RF26, a lot of new NSB pilots crash a lot. Again, some people get angry at NSB pilots, thinking it's practically cheating to fly one)
RFX29 (Similar stats to the RFNSB, but a little weaker on the structure. Cheaper and more distinctive, though)
RFA37 (Sorta like an upgraded version of the RFAB01. The maneuverability of it is about the same as the RF26, but it is more like an RFAB01 in its speed and structure. It's a pay only plane, and it is also very good, possibly the best plane. Many non RFA37 players get very angry at A37 pilots, since it has such a huge advantage over many other planes.)

So I'd say the best plane is the RFA37. But once again, people will be angry if you frag them in an A37.

If you are lower rank and going to purchase one, I'd go with the RF22. Fun, easy, and who doesn't like the F-22? The stealth is nice since it keeps the missiles homing in to a minimum, which makes dodging missiles easier. It's definitely one of the best planes.

I WOULD NOT purchase the RFJ20, since it is fairly easy to earn: Go into a P51 or P51D while doing the dogfights, and progress to level 100 (seems more difficult than it is). After the 80th dogfight, the RFJ20 will unlock, the 90th will unlock the RFJ20D, and the final dogfight will unlock the RFJ20A, which is a true top tier plane.

Sorry for writing you a novel and I hope I don't sound too abrasive. Best plane really depends on one's style: When I was a newbie to Air Supremacy, I bought the RFU47, thinking I could catch up to the good players. It didn't work. I crashed every time. Later, I bought the RF22 and finally got the results I was looking for. So the moral, I guess, is try to try them out. Play all the campaign 1 missions and you can try the RF35A, the RFU37A, the RF22, and the RFU47D all out, which is fun. I think there are more but I forgot what they are :P

Good luck finding the right plane! :D (You'll need it, I still have trouble picking mine.)


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Re: Best plane?

PostMarch 24th, 2013, 7:59 am

Nice post AC. How big is the island you're stranded on :D . Sounds like you've been at this for a while? Question: Do you think it's possible to go from First Lieutenant to Sky Gambler in less than 8 days?
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Re: Best plane?

PostMarch 24th, 2013, 8:21 am

I have, like nearly all of us, been using the '37 but played on the good ol' '26 today and really enjoyed it, did alright too against all '37's. I found it more manoeuvrable around the city buildings than the '37 but it depends on your own style and the gameplay. I'm not good at dogfighting but think the '26 was easier to frag the flag holder than the '37. I'm not good at machine guns either but I think the '26 was easier to more accurately shoot. I think it depends on what type of game your playing and the flow of the game.....
Duke Nukem

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Re: Best plane?

PostMarch 27th, 2013, 2:49 am

I thought I would mention that I purchased the RFT50 and unlocked the RFYF23. Both are extremely high-performance planes, but lack some maneuverability, so they are VERY hard to fly (especially when I'm sick like right now, it's when I get a lot of my SGAS time :( ) I usually end up flying the RF35 when I am not flying so well, it's always a winner for me.

@Charlie Mike: It's a gigantic island called North America :P

@Duke: I have not actually tried the A37, but I fly the RF26 fairly often and I love it. It is the only plane left that can really compete well against the A37, just because of the maneuverability. (at least because I'm not a good pilot)

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